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For many, the writing of content is the most intimidating component of launching an affiliate marketing career.

Frankly, I enjoy writing, but that has not always been the case. I worked over 20 years in the newspaper industry as a CFO and then later became a publisher. I was nervous when first given the opportunity to write a weekly column. I did not have an English or communications degree nor had I been given any formal journalistic training. My publisher, at that time, convinced me to just use a conversational style in my writing. “Just tell the story,” he would say.

So that is what I did. This eased my anxiety considerably as my own personality and form of communication made my columns unique, expressive and natural.

I believe there are a few simple steps, when practiced diligently, that can make one a successful producer of website content.

You should be passionate and highly interested in your topic.

Failing to do so will make your work drudgery, rather than uplifting and fulfilling. This is one of the secrets of affiliate marketing. It is not impossible to write content about something you do not care about, but it is difficult to sustain your efforts in doing so — for the long run. After all, becoming an affiliate marketer is all about loving your work.

Write down 10-15 sub-topics.

Put these sub-topics into some sort of logical presentation order. This will help you keep things straight as you begin to write and also insure that you have not forgotten any key points. All sub-topics do not need to be included in your page or blog. More sub-topics may come to you as you begin writing. Expect your content to change as you write, think and learn.

Start writing.

This step is probably delayed more than any other. Just begin. It doesn’t matter if you switch or change things around later on. Start producing now. You will be surprised at the inspiration that comes to you as you begin writing.

Don’t forget other compelling elements.

Text alone, no matter how well-written, may not always hold your audience. The inclusion of images, diagrams, artwork, audio and videos will drive your message home and keep your audience interested.

No matter how confident you are, EDIT your work.

Either edit your work yourself (least preferable) or have someone else that you have confidence in do it for you (most preferable.) Most people outside of the publishing industry do not realize how much content is edited prior to publication. It is crucial to the process of producing compelling, well-written content.

Entertain your audience.

Each person will do this in their own way. It is difficult to teach this for any one individual. It is a matter of personal style. Your ability to entertain your audience will make the difference between good and great content.



Wealthy Affiliate’s training program is a great opportunity to practice and develop your writing and production skills at little or no cost.  This is what makes me willing to recommend wealthyaffiliate.com to anyone who is seriously interested in being trained in affiliate marketing.

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5 Replies to “Writing Website Content”

  1. Great information! Sometimes I think what I feel is entertaining -is not entertaining to others. So I delay the process because I want to appeal to “what’s popular.” The brain storming advice helps, yet how do I turn my passion into fashion or “what I think others want to read?” Am I over thinking the process?

    1. Thank you for the comment. I do worry some that in promoting my role as an affiliate that I will become a little too ‘promotional’ in my content. I guess I believe that ultimately we will all be successful as affiliate marketers if our site become authoritative.

  2. Nice article. Affiliate marketing is my favorite of online marketing. And it’s good to choose one that will produce a residual income. Wealthy Affiliate covers both and you learn while in the process of building your business. No wasted time! Keep the info coming!

  3. Hello and thanks for sharing, for beginners this can be a very scary thing, but as you gain the knowledge and begin to write it will all start to flow. Your post is really great and will help persons to understand more better how to go about content writing, Great job.

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