Wealthy Affiliate Review – A Beginner’s Perspective

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name:      Wealthy Affiliate

Website:  wealthyaffiliate.com

Price:    Starter Membership    $0

Premium Membership  $49/month   or $359/year

Owners:  Kyle and Carson


Introduction – Who is it for? :

I am a beginner with affiliate marketing.  Training is very important to me and I just wanted to learn more to determine whether I even wanted to proceed in becoming an affiliate marketer. The Wealthy Affiliate website is not only for beginners, but has a wide range of training options and extensive support for the advanced learner, as well.

The starter membership, I believe, is most appropriate for those still in the decision-making process. Even though a person could stick with the starter membership while launching up to two websites, most will find the premium membership to be most suitable for the serious professional.

Wealthy Affiliate is more of a service and support community, and far less a product. If you are looking to earn money online, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get help and help others, and learn from the thousands of experts at Wealthy Affiliate, this could be the place for you.


  • Getting Started Training – a simple process that even includes work assignments-absolutely free!
  • Training that can be done at your own pace
  • Varied Training – videos, tutorials and class room courses. Numerous certification levels. Over 1,000 training modules. Live weekly training classes. In addition, members offer their own training blogs as well.
  • Member Community – online help with questions –live and interactive
  • Tools for creation and hosting of two free websites with starter membership and up to 50 websites with the premium membership
  • State-of-the-art secure and fast hosting services
  • Spam free environment
  • Completely FREE to get started – no catches!


  • You can stay a starter member as long as you like — for free. While starter membership resources are adequate as an introduction, the premium membership is far superior.
  • The website can feel a little busy with all the community activity that is going on
  • There is a high fallout rate among aspiring affiliate marketers — find the right tools and use them! Plan the work. Work the plan.

Training / Tools :

The website training is comprehensive and organized. Even the assigned tasks in helping others adds to the educational experience. You can follow the training course by following your passion and designing a website about a  niche of your own choice OR you can choose to design an affiliate marketing website by going through the bootcamp training. The training is a complete walk through   in manageable steps.


Part of the training involves members helping one another by reviewing and commenting on others’ work. This is a tremendous help.

Summary Opinion:

This website was the only one that really matched what I was looking for in obtaining an education in affiliate marketing. Therefore, I did not give a numerical rank to my review (which would have been comparative to other options) . I plan on updating this review in one year. At that stage, I will be prepared to discuss the more advanced features of Wealthy Affiliate. The best advice I can give for now, from my own experience, is  ‘try it, you’ll like it.’

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  1. Good look from a newbies perspective. Keep on with the training, I hear it is the best in the market. If I was going to seek affiliate marketing or for that matter any internet business involving a website I would try Wealthy Affiliate’

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