How to Succeed at Affiliate Marketing

While this may be anecdotal, I believe the vast majority of individuals that attempt financial success   through affiliate marketing — FAIL!

Indeed, successful affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and a willingness to learn. As many do not have that level of commitment, they become discouraged and pessimistic about their choice to venture into affiliate marketing because results do not come as quickly as  they had expected.

Beware of any promises of quick financial gain. It is so rare, as to be totally unpredictable. Most successful affiliate marketers work hard, love what they do and evolve within the marketplace.

What if you don’t have that level of commitment?

Then don’t do it!

However, sometimes we fail to commit due to our lack of knowledge, training and/or research. Therefore, before dismissing the thought of becoming an affiliate marketer, learn more about it.

You can receive the knowledge needed to assist you in making a decision — absolutely FREE!

There are numerous online sources that can be of assistance. Do a Google search on affiliate marketer, affiliate marketing and online marketing.( Again, beware of any offer that promises something for nothing or nearly immediate high financial return.)

Go to your local library. The library can provide a range of books that will introduce you to affiliate marketing. Look closely at the author and his/her qualifications to make certain you are getting credible training. I typically scan the foreword and table of contents.

Did I get this knowledge for FREE?


After checking out books from the library, I was not encouraged by the prospects of being an affiliate marketer. Several months after that, I purchased a couple of books from Barnes and Noble that provided training on website development and affiliate marketing. (So much for free training!)This did, however,  increase my interest to some degree, but I still wasn’t ready to take the plunge.

I next built two websites. One was for a home business that did not involve affiliate marketing. The other was for a personal blog that did include affiliate marketing features. The affiliate marketing success on that blog was negligible. I did not have nearly enough know-how or training.

Finally (this whole process took over a year) I went online to look for affiliate marketing opportunities and was exposed to a boatload of offers to make me rich. This caused me to grimace and wonder why I was even considering affiliate marketing, as it looked like such a scam.

Then, I came upon Wealthy Affiliate. The term Wealthy made me nervous again. All I could think was that this was just another false promise. However, as I looked at their offer (the introductory membership was absolutely FREE), I decided, in the interest of additional training, to join them.

This opened my eyes to a wonderful source of affiliate marketing information and training. Additionally, I was immediately thrust into this expansive affiliate marketer community. For me, the  training and interactive community (other affiliate marketers) were an unbeatable combination.

Through my own limited experience, and that of more experienced marketers, I have not found a better alternative for affiliate marketing training and support.

Whether Wealthy Affiliate is a long-term fit in your affiliate marketing journey or not, it will certainly be enough to give you a jumpstart in launching your affiliate marketing business – at no cost (other than your time) to you.


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