Is Affiliate Marketing for You?

The challenge in sharing something exciting with someone else is that it often equates to asking the person to take a drink from a fire hydrant. The one sharing is, of course, excited and wants to just tell you everything they know. The person you’re sharing with typically wants to take one ‘swallow’ at a time in order to hear and understand before taking the next ‘swallow’.

Still reading?

I am assuming you have at least a little curiosity about affiliate marketing online and how it works.

First, let me tell you what I believe the appeal is in becoming an affiliate marketer:

  1. Opportunity to work from home.
  2. Possibility of earning a full-time income.
  3. Complete control over your time, effort and hours.
  4. Making a difference by providing value to others.
  5. Working a website that reflects your personal interests and passion.
  6. Opportunity to help others succeed.
  7. Freedom

Are you still with me?

Second, what would you need in order to proceed and succeed in such a venture?

  1. Own a website,
  2. Assurance that success is possible. No scams!
  3. Authoritative, responsive and consistent help.
  4. Desire to learn regularly and practice properly.
  5. Willingness to work at it.
  6. A reason for doing it.

Want to learn more?

If so, I am going to direct you to a website that is a virtual fire hydrant for those who want to become successful affiliate marketers. The website is

  1. Create an account by providing your name and email address. It is ABSOLUTELY free.
  2. Go to ‘Get Started Here’ and go through the training lessons (videos and text) at your own speed and pace.
  3. Explore the website.
  4. Determine if you are ready for the next step.

I believe you will be pleased with the breadth of information and services provided. You will know not only whether you should become an affiliate marketer or not, but whether  is a match for you.

Please send me your comments or questions. I would be happy to respond.

Happy journey.

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