Does SEO Make Sense?

Sometimes it seems like SEO (search engine optimization) is nothing more than a game and that while the gamesmanship is fun, it is all for naught. Yet the mathematical formulas that have been created and refined by the internet search engines, were created to give advertisers and content providers some confidence in the monetization of the internet. Changes are continually being made to these models to insure an advantage for legitimate, high-demand, authoritative content providers, who can then provide predictable results and/or website visitor traffic for advertisers.

Does It Work?

So does SEO really work?

I suppose it does. An affiliate marketer would be foolish to ignore it or the impact it has in building website traffic. While authoritative, differentiated content should be able to attract, hold and grow website traffic, it is hard to do so(or it is at least very slow) if no one knows it exists.

Therefore, SEO becomes the analysis and measurement of how people search for online results in finding a specific website’s compelling content.

Am I Being Trained Backwards?

As I have undertaken my own training at Wealthy Affiliate, I was encourage to target the ‘low hanging fruit’ in promoting SEO on my websites. Initially, that didn’t make sense to me.

Shouldn’t I want to use the search keywords in my website content that most people use? It was¬†boldly¬†explained that the initial launching of my websites would be drowned in the back pages of those most commonly used keyword search results. After all, most people don’t go much past the first two pages of these results. This means my well-intended effort in providing compelling content would, initially at least, be lost in obscurity. The established content sources (with their sizable share of the traffic and content) have the advantage.

So at Wealthy Affiliate, we were encouraged to build our search results on those keywords that were used, but used less often. This would give us higher placement in the search results because of there being less competition with those keywords. Then, little by little, our website traffic would grow — giving us more and more of an advantage against better established competitors. It must be remembered that the search engines factor website traffic into the determination of page position rankings.

We are an impatient society so this approach does not always sit well with us. We want results and we want them fast!!

The Principle of Compounding Traffic

Most of us understand compounded interest. A firm commitment (the initial deposit and resolve to not spend it) and time (interest earned) are our greatest allies once we establish practices and discipline that will give us a reasonable rate of return. This example of compound interest assumes, of course, a set return; when in reality as our website visitor traffic grows, we will move up in our search engine rankings and our rate of return will increase .

Is SEO Everything?

According to instruction I have received at Wealthy Affiliate, it is not the end all of affiliate marketing, but it is indispensable to an affiliate marketer’s success. We are told to never lose sight of the continual need for compelling content. We must always provide value to our website visitors and advertisers.

SEO just helps us put that ‘compelling content’ in front of more eyes.

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