Content is King – A Helpful Checklist

My coursework today involved using a process to strengthen website content. The following is a suggested checklist that will help to improve content:

  • Use an interesting and captivating headline. Be careful with humor or a play on words. Dishonesty in your headlines will turn off the reader right away.
  • Write your content in shorter paragraphs. Use white space to separate those paragraphs.
  • Separate your sub-topics and/or ideas with larger, bolder headings.
  • Type your content in black or dark gray text on a white or light background.
  • Write in a conversational style. Just ‘tell the story’ like you are speaking with a friend.
  • Use a relevant image in the first fold of the page.
  • There are varied views on the recommended length of content. Be mindful of your competitors. Will matching or differing from the length of their content give you an advantage?
  • Don’t wait for perfection to publish your content. You will be waiting forever. Having someone edit your content ALWAYS helps.

Please share you comments and opinions below.

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