Building A Successful Website

An affiliate marketing entrepreneur must have a website.

In setting up the website, a balance should be found between quality and timeliness. Too much time fretting over the details of a website can cause unnecessary delays in moving your efforts forward. On the other hand, launching an overly simplistic website without training would be timely but may also sabotage the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Investment in training and education will help in finding balance in this crucial part of your business.

Most marketers are torn regarding how much of a ‘techie’ they want to become in creating and maintaining their website. If not careful, the entrepreneur can end up using all their time on the technical aspects of the website, rather than its usefulness as a marketing tool. So care should be taken to determine just how much you want to do on your own. Website costs will vary accordingly.

The Basics

In the creation of a website, you will need to select and purchase the use of a domain name and hosting service.  

These components are often packaged together. Bear in mind that many hosting services give deeply discounted pricing the first year for your commitment to their services. You should note what the pricing will be after the first year. It would be helpful to know which companies charge extra for backup services and other additional features and which ones include it in their basic monthly fees.

The domain name must be unique. Therefore, it is sometimes challenging to find a name that is not already in use or owned by someone else. You want a name that you feel good about and will aid you in your marketing efforts.

You also need to establish a hosting service for your website. You need to be mindful of the service’s reputation and reliability. Problems with your hosting service will reflect poorly on your website.

You must also select a platform that is effective in building your website. WordPress is one of the most expansive and pervasive website design tools. I would recommend it. There are some design options that are easier to use but, many of them fall short with their limited features. I have used some these other design options and I was happy in the beginning but disappointed in the end.  Wordpress advantages are:

  • Relatively easy setup and use. Some initial basic training is helpful.
  • Coding not required but is an option.
  • Over 1,000 templates to choose from.
  • Over 10,000  plugins (modules) that add features and improve website functionality
  • Good community support due to its prevalent use.

Website Priorities

Affiliate marketers may have different needs than other website designers. Their key website priorities are:

  • Hosting service and website design must assure quick access and load times.
  • Website design must look professional — clean but not overly fancy or intricate. Lots of white space.
  • Easy navigation and accessibility.
  • The design platform must accommodate CMS (Content Management System).
  • Website content must be focused and valued.

How about ‘free’ websites?

Free websites are great learning tools. However, in building a serious affiliate marketing website, I would probably NOT use a free website for the following reasons:

  • Companies offering free websites are still for-profit operations, so free website options are often limited.
  • Domain names for free websites are often sub-domain names. In other words, the URL would include the selling company’s name. For example: would be more like It seems advantageous to launch with your own domain name.

Still, a free website would be a risk-free way to learn about building websites — especially if it could later be transferred to your own domain name. There is a company that does just that. Click here ‘free website in 30 seconds‘ for more details from

This same company provides a wide range of training and community support, indispensable for the long-term success of your website.

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